Kids Soccer Shoes

Kids soccer shoes are a necessary commodity for your child if they want to take up the sport.  These shoes are specifically designed to provide comfort, and stability for the 90 minutes every game your child plays.  It’s important to find the right shoe so that you can ensure your child will be perfectly comfortable, and that their foot is properly supported.  As your child’s body is still in development, finding the right shoe is essential, as the wrong type can be harmful to posture, and the unique arch in your child’s foot.

Kids soccer shoes aren’t that much different than a standard pair of boots, and the main consideration will be which type of soccer your child will be playing.  There are outdoor cleats for playing soccer in a field, and indoor shoes for the indoors version of the sport.  Both are very different and offer an alternative design to emphasise the various playing surface types.  Indoor shoes are also preferable if your child will be chiefly playing on pavement or any other hard smooth surface.

Narrowing it down from there, you’ll want to choose a good brand so you can ensure quality and performance.  The top kid’s soccer shoe makers are typically Adidas, Nike and Puma.  They will be guaranteed to offer the quality and performance you would expect.  Remember to have your child try on any shoes at a store, before making a final purchase, so that you can ensure they feel comfortable enough.  Even if you don’t buy from that store, always test out a shoe first.  That way your child can ensure it’s perfectly comfortable.  This is important, as they will be doing an awful lot of running in their soccer shoes, to avoid injury, they must provide the right amount of stability.

From there, you’ll also want to consider how much you are willing to spend.  You can find cheaper kids soccer shoes from less popular boot manufacturers, but you’ll also want to factor performance into your budget.  Adidas Predator Cleats are going to provide better on-field performance than a brand that you’ve never heard of.  That’s because they are specifically manufactured to provide maximum ball control, and are extremely aerodynamic to provide for the most speed possible.  To get the best performance for your child, you’ll want to buy the best shoes possible.

Finally, to actually purchase kids soccer shoes, you’ll want to go to a sporting goods store.  Remember that you don’t have to purchase from the same store that you start at.  But instead, use the first store as a test to find out which shoes your child approves of the most.  Then write down the brand and shoe type, as well as exact size.  That way you can shop around at other sporting goods stores, or even online to find the cheapest price possible for kids soccer shoes.  Websites like and are good places to find competitive prices on any popular brand.   Plus even offers a discount club that allows you to save money on all of your soccer gear throughout the years.