Soccer Referee Uniforms

When it comes to the sport of soccer, even being a referee is a massive job unto itself.  You’ll be required to run with the players so that you can always view the action.  But you also need to have space to keep track of your cards, as well as a writing utensil to keep track of every yellow or red card handed out.  That means you’re going to need the right type of soccer referee uniforms, to keep up with you while you call the match. There are a variety of different options when it comes to choosing the right uniform, so you want to be sure to find one that’s perfect for you, as well as the occasion.  Finding soccer referee uniforms isn’t difficult, but finding the right ones can be.

One of the first things that you’re going to want to consider, is always going to be the look and feel of the jersey.  When it comes to soccer referee uniforms, it’s important to pick the right colors.  The most common type is all black, with a white collar, but you need to be sure that your outfit doesn’t match any of the teams at all.  Otherwise, the ref can be lost in the chaos, and that can make keeping order very difficult.  Plus you want a jersey fiber that’s perfectly lightweight, so that you don’t feel too hot, or weighed down after running back and forth for some time.

Another important factor of any soccer referee uniforms is choosing a shirt with a pocket, to allow for keeping track of your cards and the match book. This way, your cards are only a quick reach away, so that you can present a yellow or a red as you see fit.  Plus, the match book is essential, so that you can take down all major events as they happen in real time.  Also, you may even want to consider having room for a stopwatch, so that you can better track time over the course of the game.  This is important so that you can carry all the tools you need with you as conveniently as possible so that they don’t affect your ability to judge the game.

When it comes to choosing your shorts and socks, usually it’s important to go with something black. This is the default color, and are almost always ideal for judging any team.  This way, the referee is neutral, and won’t attract too much attention.  That way you can blend into the background, so that you can focus on judging the game, without having to worry about confusing players in any way.  No matter what your shirt color, you’ll find that black bottoms are ideal for most soccer referee uniforms.

When you’re looking to buy your equipment, your first stop should be sporting goods stores in your area.  Retailers like Dick’s Sporting Goods or Sports Authority are great options for finding soccer referee uniforms of all different kind.  Although online stores like or are ideal for finding just the type of jersey you need.  There you can find a larger selection of soccer referee uniforms so that you find exactly what you want for your league.